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  1. Umm..Lindsay?? My girlfriend and I have been thinking lately about donating some of our worn-out small appliances, wearables ,and books to a local charity. We do surprisingly agree on the cause ,but yet looked like Apes when tried to stuff them into groups! We both want to do it right in order to help the folks at the charity save some time sorting through our items! She was wondering if you and Alex have a creative way of packaging similar items such as crop tops and tank tops.… Meanwhile, I was wondering if this was indeed going to be a future idea for a YouTube video [[#Please feel free to drop the whole comment all together…]]. We eventually tried with great difficulty to organize them in categories that go together and put them in matching bags and boxes. Now, we are bickering like children over what to write on the bags and the boxes…

    • Lindsay Hoffman
      Lindsay Hoffman

      Hi Bader!

      I don’t have a creative way for packaging, but the idea you both had sounds awesome! What is your suggestion for a video? A charity video?

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