Hello there! I’m Lindsay Hoffman and I’m so excited you want to get to know me & my blog a little better. I started Dose Of Bliss because I’ve  always felt my life purpose is to inspire others to be happy and believe in themselves. I want to share with you my experiences because if I can do it, so can you!

I’m a Chicago native now based in Los Angeles & I studied Journalism at Arizona State University. Today I’m a freelance entertainment reporter & host.  I also have my own company where I produce influencer events. And of course, I am a motivational + lifestyle blogger.

As a reporter/host my work has been featured in: InTouch Weekly, Life & Style Magazine, Closer Weekly, Fab TV, The Red Carpet Report & more! From court cases to red-carpets, I’ve broke national best-selling cover stories and covered all major events such as: The Oscars, Emmys and Grammys. I’ve  interviewed high profile celebrities from Oprah to George Clooney and I love sharing behind the scenes with you on my blog and even some motivational interviews!

I love bringing people together to connect and grow. From that spawned my influencer events/ marketing  company. I currently produce two events a year where I bring together the world’s biggest influencers, reporters & amazing brands I’ve worked with to celebrate and collaborate. Some brands who have participated are: Adobe, IMAX, Patron & more!  

My mission is to inspire you to know that you  can live the life you always wanted and more importantly, YOU deserve to be happy.

About Dose Of Bliss

Dose of Bliss came to be because of my life experiences. Growing up I had felt left out, shy and unnoticed by my peers. I was “too nice.” I tended to second guess myself (sometimes I still do) but I realized, WHY? Why do we put ourselves down when we can live the life we truly desire? I told myself whatever negative thoughts I may sometimes have I would never let it stop me from living my best life. And most importantly I was going to stay true to myself doing it.  I promised myself that I would never let another person feel left out and that I would do my best to make others feel like they could be comfortable as themselves.

I hope that my blog will become a resource to you and help you CHOOSE to live the life you truly desire and motivates you to create fulfillment in your life.  

“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same” – Marianne Williamson