Why Me? This Is Why It Happened To You

Why me?

Whether you believe in a higher power or not, we tend to ask somebody why. Why did this happen to me?  Is anybody listening? Why are my prayers not being answered?

The reason: You are not being heard….because YOU are not listening. The answers to our questions are all around us and most importantly within us. So when you ask why me? Why isn’t anybody listening? Take a moment to reflect, are you really listening?

The answer is likely no. We often won’t give ourselves enough credit to realize that we have the answers. We look  for someone else to help and fail to look within ourselves. If  you believe in a higher power, you must understand that it would live on a higher plane of consciousness than you do. Try to think on that higher plane. It would make sense that at higher state of consciousness, a higher being’s ultimate goal would want you to rise to a greater state of self. Thus, obtaining a higher state would involve experiences, often negative, that force us to dig deep into the self to become better. These things can not be given to us, they must be learned. It is only when we take responsibility for these experiences do we realize what we are being taught and in turn we rise to a higher state of self.

To get to that place you must know what you are listening for. I like to call it ‘The Language of the Universe’, the term is coined by the author of The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho. This “language” simply put are the signs within us (and the universe)  that guide our path. But for us interpret these signs we must know they are there.  Some people never realize that this language even exists. These people are too busy asking why instead of listening.

There are many reasons for why people are not able to understand this ‘language’, but the most efficient answer is often the most simple:  Most people don’t realize what is right in front of them. These symbols are often so mundane and ordinary that we think nothing of them. When you ask for patience you are given patience? Or are you given an opportunity, an experience to become patient? When you ask for courage is it given to you or are you given an opportunity to become courageous?

For example, I have always had throat problems. My various throat ailments go so bad that I built up immunities to the antibiotics that treat the infections. Soon a sore throat turned to chronic bronchitis which ultimately lead  getting my tonsils removed at the age of 21. After getting sick so repetitively, one tends to question why? Even after surgeries and allergists, I was still prone to these same sicknesses. Most people accept this as reality, but when you are lying in bed sick you start thinking about life. Was my body trying to tell me something that I wasn’t listening to? I decided to think about what the throat represents: A place where we physically communicate. Was communication important to me? Yes. People who know me know that I talk extremely fast and I love to talk ALOT. I got a degree in Journalism and Communications and I decided to get a profession where I’m paid tell stories.  Why did I like to communicate so much?I realized that I want to be heard and because I didn’t feel heard I wanted to make sure others were. But why did I feel like I wasn’t being heard enough? Now it makes sense; I was over acting in my throat area (communication), to compensate for feeling unheard. If something is overused it gets sick. What can I do to be better? Balance. I can speak more concisely, realize that I am heard and… listen more.

This is an example of how you need to listen to the self much more because we often don’t realize that a sickness can be a manifestation of something within ourselves. If your shoulders are always tense do you often feel like you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders? It is important to go to a doctor but there is no harm in thinking more abstract. Maybe you will find something new about yourself. Try googling the symbology of the aches and pains in your body and listen to what it’s telling you. Perhaps you will see a pattern.

Not only can sicknesses, aches or pains be manifestations of the self but so can any experience. People whom you cross paths with are there to teach you lessons. Think of them as a mirror of you.  Are you constantly surrounded by negative relationships? If someone is treating you badly it is an exaggerated reflection of something to look at within yourself. Instead of thinking why me? Think why are you attracting these people in your life? What am I learning from this and how can I learn to not attract these people to me? People who act out are often doing so because of insecurities within themselves that they push onto another person. You need to see what insecurities are within you that stop you from leaving these situations. The moment you realize you don’t have to accept this behavior is the moment the pattern breaks and you begin to attract positivity into your life.

Answers often don’t come how we think they will. If we don’t understand this then negative patterns and sicknesses can manifest until we finally listen.  Situations are reflections of the self and opportunities to look within and reach a higher plane of consciousness.

Next time when you ask why me? Think are you truly listening?

Have you experienced anything similar? Share in the comments below.

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