Why Your Vision Board Isn’t Working | Manifestation tips from Paige Piskin

Today’s Dose of Bliss features manifestation tips & Law Of Attraction success story from Instagram Influencer,  Paige Piskin.

Paige has over 800,000 followers on Instagram. She’s quickly gone viral for her Instagram filters, which are shared by celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Ariana Grande & more. 

But how did she manifest this degree of success and how can you?

The answer is more interesting than you’d think. A few years ago, Paige made a vision board hoping to  achieve over 100,000 Subscribers on YouTube,  yet it didn’t come true. 

She shares why, “I kept trying to create stuff that I liked but I wasn’t really crazy about. I was trying to be a travel blogger but I didn’t really like travel blogging. I tried to make videos about health. I like all of those things but I don’t like making videos about these things.”

So what was the secret to go from not manifesting to actually hitting 800,000 followers on Instagram?

Paige reveals she wasn’t manifesting because she wasn’t authentic with what she was putting out into the world. She was more interested in following a trend to go viral vs. what she was actually passionate about.

“I did want to grow on instagram, but with my art. Because I am so passionate about it and I put so much time into it, it actually happened.”

Watch the full video above to learn all of Paige’s amazing manifestation tips.

You can download Paige Piskin’s Instagram filters by following her here.

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