Money Habits Of Successful People with Attorney & CPA Andrew Gordon

In honor of Tax Day, this Week’s Dose of Bliss is all about the money habits of successful people. I’ve enlisted the expertise of Attorney & CPA Andrew Gordon of Gordon Law Group.

Andrew Gordon is a practicing attorney who graduated from Chicago Kent College of Law, and is also a Certified Public Accountant with a BA and Master’s Degree from the University of Illinois.

Today we see Andrew Gordon as a successful Lawyer & CEO of Gordon Law Group, but how did he get there? During college Andrew interned for the IRS, positioning himself first in line for a dream job out of college. However when the time came to hire Andrew, the IRS had a hiring freeze and left him incomless and jobless.

With nowhere to go, he moved into his parents basement. In this interview Andrew shares his inspiring story of living in his parents basement to owning the successful business we see today.

You’ll also learn his tips for making money, investing, and easy hacks for doing taxes.

Andrew reminds us that there is no fast way to make money or a passive income. However, there are unique habits of successful wealthy people that we can follow to become great leaders! Watch this weeks Dose Of Bliss to find out how.

Learn more about Andrew and Gordon Law Group here.

Watch me talk about my money tips on Andrew’s Podcast, Small Business Spotlight here.

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