How The Law Of Attraction Worked For Me

If you read my blog you can see that I am a believer in the law of attraction. Why? Because I’ve practiced it and seen the results myself. I had always practiced the law of attraction even before I knew what it was.

My Story:

I’ll never forget the day. I was about seven years old and I saw the movie Good Burger with my parents. The whole movie I had this weird feeling that I wasn’t supposed to be a part of that audience. I was supposed to know the celebrities in it, but not as a fan and not as a movie star, but something close. Somehow I would be on an even playing field and work with them.  In fact, I felt I was supposed to be a successful person myself who spoke to others and would be well respected by all successful people.  It just didn’t feel right sitting through a movie, the passion made me feel energetic and uncomfortable, like I had to get up and start showing the world my destiny.   In fact, from then on I couldn’t sit through anything like a play or concert, speaker at school… I had this urge that I was meant to do something big with them one day. I was supposed to do something big with the world. But how could I? I was only seven.

From then on I was determined to figure out a way to make that happen. I knew that someday it would be true. So what could I do at seven to get started now? I couldn’t be an audience member, i knew that so I signed up to be in plays. When there were speakers at school I would talk to them after the class and try and keep in touch with them. I would study about the successful people I loved, I would find out what they did and think about it every day. It consumed me.

I had no idea what I was going to do. I just knew that I’d do something. The strangest part was I always thought I’d grow up to be an artist. I’ve done art my entire life. So the fact that I had this urge was interesting to me but I knew I had to follow it.

Fast forward to college. I was studying interior design.  But something didn’t feel right about it. I was good at it. I got all A’s but I still had this urge that I needed to speak to people. I’d present to the class all the time and one day my teacher pulled me aside and said, “You’re great at design, but I see you speaking to the students and you light up. I think you should do a major where you talk to people.”

I agreed. But I didn’t know what major to choose. First, I thought maybe I’d do advertising. I talked to the advisors at the communications school but they told me my GPA was to high and I should apply to the journalism school.

And it hit me. As a child I couldn’t sit through those movies. And I had also recalled a time when I was little when I watching Say What Karaoke on TRL and I remember thinking to myself I could totally host that show and I’d love to one day. But I had put it in the back of my mind. I thought you needed to have an agent to do that. I thought I could never achieve that…I had to be lucky. So the moment they brought up journalism, I realized that being a reporter and journalist could lead to being a host someday. Why not apply and try? Up until now, I had never even tried to be a host so I for sure was not going to be one.

So I applied and got into the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications. I would be starting my junior year of college. I only had two years to figure out how I was going to become an entertainment reporter when most had four. I had no idea how I was going to do it but inside of me I just knew that somehow it would happen.

As soon as first semester started I hit the ground running. I went everywhere and met everyone to make sure I got internships and could catch up to the rest of the kids. I had always been the student that would get taken under wings by teachers but in journalism I wasn’t known as much. There were already a ton of star students who had way more experience than me. I had zero.

By senior year, I had a few internships under my belt but still it seemed like I wouldn’t have a job out of college. I was always that person who met someone who would take me under his or her wing. This time I didn’t. I went to my advisor and asked for a mentor. He connected me to the executive producer of Extra (finally a real chance!)  A month later I went out to meet him to ask for advice. I’d hint to him to give me an internship but he never did. He just said I’d have to move out there and things would come together. So, of course I did.

I decided in the meantime to take things into my own hands and do everything I could to make my goals inevitable. I researched successful people and studied how they achieved their goals. I found out about affirmations, and so every single day for my entire senior year of college 2011-2012 I wrote daily affirmations.


Below are some of the things I wrote:

-I will move to LA to become an entertainment reporter

-I will go to every red carpet event by next year

Three months out of college in 2012 I moved to LA and got a job as an entertainment reporter. I was hired by InTouch and Life & Style Weekly. By 2013 I had been to every red carpet! I was working with celebrities and high profile people. Just as I had envisioned and wrote down.

Everything came true and came together. All those feelings I had as a child up to now. They were true.  I’m respected by successful people now. All the people I wanted to meet I met. And I was shocked at how fast I got on the red carpet after writing those affirmations down.

I still have that urge to speak to people, and inspire people.  So many more dreams. And that’s part of the reason I have this blog.I know that someday I will do everything I ever dreamed.  Because if I could do all of this so far then I can do anything.

And when people ask me if I doubt myself,  I tell them all the time. I do get scared that I’m not good enough. But there is a difference between being scared/doubt and believing that you can’t do something. Because even though I may not think I’m good enough sometimes, I never once think that I won’t do it. Because inside I know that I can and will. They always say if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough… right?

People also ask me if I wasn’t doing this what would I be doing. I tell them I would be doing this. If I had stayed in design, I’d still have a blog; I’d design homes for celebrities and do something on TV. It didn’t matter the profession because all roads lead to Rome.

I’m sharing this because I want to tell you that it really works. If you really believe in yourself, you can do anything. If I’m proof that if you believe in yourself you can do it.

Anything you want you can have.

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