How To Make A Vision Board

A vision board is “a collage of images, pictures and affirmations of your dreams and desires. It can also be called a dream board, treasure map or vision map.” There are so many ways to visualize your goals and a vision board is perfect if you are a believer in The Law of Attraction and is a great family activity.


Things You Will Need:

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Magazines (to cut images out of or you can print off the computer)
  • Poster board
vision board

An example of a vision board. You can put whatever you want on it!

Steps to making a vision Board  

1. Get a large poster board

2. Select images and words that represent goals you have in life. You can do this by finding pictures online, magazines, drawing them or you can make a collage on the computer. Whatever speaks to you!

3. Cut out and put the images on the board as a collage.

4. Hang your vision board on your wall. Look at it daily and think about how you are going to achieve everything on it. Remember just looking at a picture won’t change your life, only you can do that. But it will get your mind thinking in the right direction and attract what you want to you!

Why it works

The brain is an interesting part of the body and retains information by repetition. The three most common ways people learn are through auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning. Click here to take the quiz and see what kind of learner you are!

Visual Learning: According to academic success teacher Grace Ann Fleming, “Visual learners are those who learn things best through seeing them.”

  • Example: Looking at pictures or graphs to remember and learn… or in this case a vision board.

Auditory Learning: People who learn best via hearing things.

  • Example: Memorizing things through song or repeating words.

Kinesthetic Learning: Someone who learns by physically carrying out an activity.

  • Example: Learning the rules of football by playing football.

A vision bored is a visual way to get an idea into your head and because you put the thought into it yourself, the ideas and dreams you have are now processed in your brain.


Comment below what you put on your vision board and stories of how they worked for you!

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