How The Coronavirus Affects The Law Of Attraction

Dear 2020, The coronavirus was not on my vision board. As coronavirus cases rise, the world is left at a standstill. If we make a vision board each year, then what happens to our 2020 vision board if we can’t even leave the house? Will our vision boards come true? These are the questions I am asking myself.

In this post I am going to tell you how the coronavirus affects the law of attraction & our vision boards.

I think the coronavirus pandemic may throw us for a loop but I believe that your vision board (and mine) will still come true. Here’s why:

#1: You Set an Intention

If you follow my vision board and manifestation tips, you know that the first step to any successful vision board is to set your intention.

At the center of every vision board I instruct you to write ‘In 2020 I am’ in order to represent your intent. As defined by Wikedpedia, “An intention is a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future. ” [source] This intention has nothing to do with making millions or materials, It’s the intangible message & aura behind all that you do.It becomes your mantra. Intention, is the key to all things manifesting, and I credit it to my greatest successes. Once you set an intention, no one can take that away from you, and that includes the coronavirus. So I ask you right now to think, what was your intention? Is it growing stronger during this time or have you forgotten why you are here?

Centered on every vision board, I have my followers write In 2020 I am, to remind us of our intentions

#2 Social Distancing shows how one action can affect the sum

You are a drop in the ocean, but that drop of water makes up the ocean. So many people ask me, why my vision boards come true? The simple answer, because I believe that I make a difference. I believe that my intention is radiating through me and being felt, I believe that one small thing even if it is a thought makes a drop in that ocean. But not everyone sees that.

Take a moment to open your eyes. Staying home during the coronavirus pandemic to take care of yourself makes a difference. But a global crisis shouldn’t be what makes you see that. You’ve always had that ability to impact the world, only now you see it because so many people are doing it at once. But your intention and you have more power than you ever knew. Remember that when you think of your intention & any time you choose to manifest.

#3:  You are forced to let go of attachment to the outcome

What is the final step to manifesting in the law of attraction? Letting go of attachment! And isn’t this what is happening in the world? We have been stripped of our total control. We have no idea when the coronavirus pandemic will end but we have to trust in a positive outcome.

Its one hardest parts of the Law of Attraction. But it’s also one of the most important steps. Once you have decided and committed to what you want, you must trust & live in alignment with your intention. If we do not let go of attachment to the things we want, we become focused on them and begin too manifest stress instead of abundance. We lose site of our intention. * If you are having trouble remembering what your intent was earlier in this article, now you know why. * Your intention will always align you back with peace, balance and your goals. Anytime you have doubt, remember your intention & let go.

So, yes, we are dealing with unprecedented times. And the coronavirus will forever change the world.

But we have to see purpose in all we do. When you think about the state of the world, it’s truly a test to our abilities to manifestation. We have to remember our intention and we have to relinquish our control and let go. Now is our time to serve a greater purpose.

Check out the video I made for more information on how the coronavirus affects the law of attraction..

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