Your Dose Of Bliss Intention April 2020 Worksheet – Visualize Your Vision Board Coming True During a Pandemic

Hey all!

As a subscriber to Dose Of Bliss, we make a vision boards together for each new year, and of course we just made ours for 2020. However, the coronavirus is not on our vision board so how can our vision board come true if the world is at a standstill?

To answer those very questions for you I recently made a video titled: Coronavirus, That wasn’t on my vision board!| Will my vision board come true? In addition to it, I made you a work sheet which can help you get back on track and stop thinking negative thoughts & get back to focusing on your intention.

If you follow my vision board and manifestation tips, you know that the first step to any successful vision board is to set your intention. At the center of every vision board I instruct you to write ‘In 2020 I am’ in order to represent your intent. As defined by Wikedpedia, “An intention is a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future. ” [source] This intention has nothing to do with making millions or materials, It’s the intangible message & aura behind all that you do.It becomes your mantra. Intention, is the key to all things manifesting, and I credit it to my greatest successes. Once you set an intention, no one can take that away from you, and that includes the coronavirus.

Click here to download the PDF by to help you keep on tract manifesting.

Now more than ever, we can take the time to focus on our truest intent and evolve to be stronger than ever. I hope these videos, posts and this worksheet help guide you. For more ideas for filling out this worksheet click here.

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