3 Tidy Habits That Will Change Your Life

There are many benefits to keeping a clean and tidy home.  Studies show that people with clean homes are healthier than people with messy ones. But cleaning can feel daunting and stressful so I have three tidy habits that will change your life: Use an on demand laundry service such as OrangeBag, use labels and have a place for everything.

#1 Use An On Demand Laundry Service

If you’re like me, you know how much time is wasted doing laundry (or putting it off) But fear not, I’ve discovered the most amazing hack. There is such a thing as ‘on demand laundry’ delivery services!

The company I’m using is OrangeBag. They are a sustainable laundry/dry cleaning pickup and delivery service based in LA. It’s a HUGE timesaver because I hate folding laundry and usually end up with a big embarrassing pile that I hide in my closet floor (true story).

How To Use OrangeBag

OrangeBag is eco-friendly and toxin free and super simple. All you have to do is go on their website or app & create an account (get 20% off using my promo code Lindsay) Next, pick the way you want your laundry done: Folded, dry cleaned, washed & even sanitized.

All OrangeBag laundry bags will be thoroughly steamed by an in-house steamer that reaches temperatures of up to 170º; sufficient to kill any virus or bacteria.

You then choose the day & time you want it picked up and dropped back off. Pro tip: Schedule your laundry service to be reoccurring! It’s contactless delivery and pickup (which is perfect during the coronavirus pandemic or if you are not home).

For your first order you leave a bag outside your door and as soon as the next day everything back is freshly folded. OrangeBag provides you with text notifications when your laundry is picked up and when it’s on its way back.

They also take a photo of it on your doorstep to confirm it arrived. You then receive an actual orange bag that you can refill for the next time around, and dry cleaning comes back in a super high quality cover.

My favorite service of theirs has to be washed and folded. I hate folding clothes, especially towels! With OrangeBag everything comes back perfectly folded and smelling so good! I just put them in my towel cabinet and they are ready to use.

Perfectly fresh and folded items from OrangeBag

And I have to mention, the founder of this company is so nice! They contacted me to try their services for my blog. When we connected I instantly knew this was a company I wanted to support because they have the right intentions behind what they are do and if you read my blog then you know intention is EVERYTHING.

The craziest thing is, I put on my vision board that I wanted to be more clean and organized this year. I never would have thought that a company would find me and help me do that!

Using OrangeBag saves me so much time to do other things with my day and has given me a better work/life balance.

Try out their services, you can use my Promo Code: Lindsay for 20% off your first order by clicking this link.

#2 Use Labels

The number one reason I’m messy is because I can’t find something! That’s why it’s so important to label things.

Some items you should label are: sheets and pillow cases by size and room. Seriously, I used to have my sheets and pillowcases in one place and could never find the right one that matched or fit the bed. Now I label and keep it separated and it’s so simple!

**Pro tip: Use OrangeBag from tip #1 and have them wash and fold for you, that way you don’t have to deal with folding sheets and pillow cases (which is next to impossible unless you are Marie Condo!)

Also label cords!

I don’t know about you but I have so many cords for different types of phones and computers. Before labeling I just hid them in a box under my bed and would waste money buying more to avoid looking for anything.

If you go through your cords and label them you know exactly where they go and where to find them!

#3 Have A Place For Everything

Again, the biggest reason I am messy is because I can’t find something. But if everything has a place, then you won’t end up throwing stuff on the floor to find something and have an even bigger mess after.

I organize my closet by size, shape and color. Black and white t-shirts on one side, colorful dresses in another. I do the same for drawers. And make sure you fold things like Marie Condo! Again Tip #1 OrangeBag will do most of the folding for you. Then you can easily see everything. I also use drawer dividers to give me more room.

It’s shocking how much this makes a difference.

Get in the habit of being organized by using drawer dividers

And those are my three tidy habits that will change your life!

Everyone always asks me how I have so much time to achieve so many goals. I always tell them I keep my space clean so I can focus on other things.

When we can meet our needs we have so much room for other things to do. So it’s so important we keep a clean and organized mind.

*FTC Disclaimer: OrangeBag paid me to write a review and video about their services. I have tried the service and these are my truthful reviews and experiences.

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