How to use visualization to achieve goals (Worksheet guide included!)

Henry Ford famously once said,”Those who think they can and those who think they can’t are both right.” It’s a saying we’ve often heard, but have you sat down to actually think about the power that this statement has?

Take a moment to think about that statement, it’s saying: If you think you can do something, YOU CAN and if you think you can’t: then YOU CAN’T. It’s plain and simple visualization. Your thoughts begin to manifest into realities, which is something I spoke about in my post about The Law of Attraction.

Now we see people in the world with huge amounts of success, think about someone like Will Smith, and a lot of people think, “Nah, I can’t achieve success like that”.. key word in there… “I can’t.” Get that can’t out of your mindset because the only ‘no’ that will stop you from achieving your goal is the one you say to yourself. That’s right , it’s that simple. You control how happy you are, how successful you are, everything. It’s in your hands, so how come your life isn’t where you want it to be?

Well it’s quite simple actually. Here are some things you need to think in order to achieve what ever success and fulfillment means to you.

How to achieve your goals:

I have attached a worksheet for you to fill out so you can 100% visualize and realize what you want. Below are some recaps of what you can do and why it’s important.

Answer this question: “What is success and fulfilment to you? What is your ultimate goal of life?”Many times we keep thinking, ” I need this”, “I want that” but what you really need to do is sit down and try to write in one to two sentences what that question means to you. If it takes you a while to realise what it is, that’s good! Try and get your mind thinking, this is the first step in realizing what you want out of life. Remember, if you don’t know what you want, then how can you achieve it.

2.  Now that you have organized your goals, it’s time to think about why you aren’t living the life you want. It’s too easy to get caught up in life that we don’t focus on what we are doing to keep us from our best self.  I want you to understand what is stopping you. It’s easiest if you organize it by writing it down.

3. Now, imagine the person that achieves these goals. It often helps to think of that ideal person. Picture how they wake up each morning, do they work out? How do they greet others, how do they treat them? How do they walk into a room? Think of this in detail. Now, you know how this person lives their life… this person is you. You need to visualise that ideal person as you. You must live your life this way.

4. In order to solidify that this person is you, you need to picture them in front of you as you. Imagine how they make you feel. Feel their presence. Do you want to hug them?What are they wearing? Is this person held back by fear? You need to see who this person is.  Develop a relationship with the new you.

5. Lastly, this may seem strange to you, but tell yourself why you doubted them and say sorry for ever feeling that way. While, this may seem crazy, you need to remind yourself how capable you are. You need to tell yourself you love them and that they can do anything. If you build that relationship with your heart and mind nothing can stop you. You will see yourself as a person who takes on the world.

Once you can visualize that the person you want to be is you. You begin to realise that you can be that person at this very moment.

Below is a worksheet I made where you can sit and think about your answers. Putting it on paper and seeing your goals in front of you helps you achieve it. Once you are finished with the worksheet hang it on your wall, or put it somewhere that you can often look at it. It will serve as a constant visual reminder of what you need to do to get to where you want to be.

Fill out the work sheet and let me know in the comments below what you think of it. Now get out there and take on the world, for it is yours! 


Worksheet linked here:

If link does not open copy and paste it here:


 1.    What does success mean to you? What does fulfillment mean to you? In only ONE or TWO sentences write down what your most fulfilling life is. (This may be hard to do, but it gets you thinking what is most important to you)











  1. 2.    What is your ultimate goal in life in one sentence.










  1. 3.    Write down what things you need to change in your life below in order to live the life to fit your answers above.















  1. 4.    What are three goals you want to achieve with in the next week, month and year?


Week:                                                 Month                                                          Year


  1. 1.                                             1.                                                         1.


  1. 2.                                             2.                                                         2.


  1. 3.                                             3.                                                         3.










  1. 5.    Now in order to achieve these goals you  must visualize the person who lives them. How does this person wake up each morning? How do they treat others? What does this person do to achieve them. Write as many traits that this person has below. (We don’t write things they don’t do because we only focus on the positive not the negative)
























  1. 6.    See those traits above? That’s you! Now visualize your most fulfilling, successful, happy you standing in front of you. Write down how they make you feel when you are with them.









  1. 7.    Write down why you doubt that person (YOU) standing in front of you.








  1. 8.    Now write down an apology to yourself for doubting you and write down why you are never going to not believe in yourself again.











8. Now take this paper and hang it on your wall. Remember that you are that person you want to be and there is no reason to not live that life every single day. Just live it! This work sheet will serve as a reminder that everything you want and need is already inside you, you just need to visualize it to remember sometimes! NOW GO TAKE ON THE WORLD!

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