When People Try and Drain You Of Your Energy Remember This

This post is dedicated to people who feel like someone is trying to hold them back, to people who feel like others are trying to drain them of their energy. This is for you. Don’t ever let people bring you down ever. The way people act is a reflection about how they feel about themselves. You deserve happiness and you deserve success. We are who we surround ourself with and too often we let others energy take from our own. The only person who can effect how you feel is yourself. Never forget that. Below are a few quotes and ideas that will help remind you of that in case you forget:




There will be days when you lose faith in the world, when it seems like no one understands you and that no one is good. When those days come remember that’s not true. You power your soul and don’t let anyone take that from you.




Think of all the good people you have met, surround yourself with those. If you can’t find any friends, go online, watch motivational videos, look up quotes like these. Make a conscious effort to bring you and those around you higher.


If you feel like you are being held down, let go of the weight holding you down. It is that simple. You are not going through it, it’s going through you. Let it pass and be the person you were destined to be.


Instead of focusing on the negatives, or others, focus that energy on bettering yourself and those around you. Think of how much energy you save when you don’t waste time on the negative!


Just remember to be kind to yourself. It’s hard to see sometimes how much negativity can throw us off balance. Take the time to realize that. Do not let negative things take you over, let go and love yourself.

To sum everything up, don’t waste your time on negative people. Don’t even take the time to respond to it.  Move forward, you control your life, it does not control you. Remember that you are always capable of peace and happiness at any moment.

If you ever lose sight of that, I hope this post reminds you of your inner light. Shine so brightly and stay strong and let the hard times pass right through you. Inside you is everything you need. Trust yourself and love yourself.