What the Cubs Winning the World Series Teaches us

Nov. 3, 2016 — The day the cubs won the Wold Series.  It didn’t matter if you were five-years-old or 105, it was a moment we could share together for the first time. For that moment, time stood still and the world felt as one.

That is why I root for the cubs.

I was born in a North Western Suburb of Chicago, so geologically I was destined to be a Cubs fan. But that is not the main reason I’m a fan. I believe in this team because they represent having faith in something even when the odds are against you. I knew that the moment the Cubs won it would bring people together and remind us of all the good that there is in the world. And that it did.

The game was nothing short of well written movie. It had the suspense, it had the tie, it had the extra inning and it even had the rain. But most importantly it made people believe in miracles.

But there is even more we can take from the game.

Cubs Manager, Joe Madden had a very interesting interview after the historic win. It’s well known that the Cubs were cursed. In an interview after winning he said he didn’t believe in curses. He explained, the trick to winning is living in the present moment. If we live in the past that is what holds us back. But if we live in the now, then we can move forward. That was the key to the Cubs winning, they had to believe in the now, not in the then.

This applies to us all. If we want to change, if we want a miracle and if we are going though a hard time, we shouldn’t base our actions on the past. We shouldn’t think we are cursed. The moment is now. In the present moment a bad thought or curse cannot exist. The only thing that exists is right now. And now we can move forward. We can move past our hardships. The Cubs are not only proof of that but serve as a reminder that we too must live in the moment to move forward.

If you are a Cubs fan or not, I hope you can walk away with this knowing that your dreams are obtainable. And just maybe you can believe that miracles are possible. There is good in this world and there are still times where the world can love each other and come together. As all Cubs fans did that night.

The Chicago Cubs have not won a world series in 108 years. They won in the 10th inning with 8 runs  and baseball has 108 stitches on it.

The fact that all those numbers are 108…. it’s no coincidence.

Think about it.