Weight Loss Transformation Motivation From LIPSTICKNICK & Kaley Hatfield

Today’s Dose of Bliss features Nicole Faulkner (LIPSTICKNICK) & her personal trainer Kaley Hatfield.

Nicole has become widely known for her work with Morphe Brushes (Director of Global Artistry), owning her own business, going on tour and being a makeup artist to the worlds biggest beauty gurus! She has manifested her wildest dreams.

However, deep down she didn’t feel like the confident mega mogul she was. She knew she was putting work and others before herself. So she decided to take back her power and make time to workout!

Now that Nicole has lost over two pant sizes thanks to the help of Kaley, she also realizes weight loss is more than how we look. It’s about the journey of loving ourselves. Watch this interview to get inspired to take better care of your mind, body & soul.

Remember you can be a mega mogul and you can have time for yourself ❤️

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