4 Reasons Why You Should Let Go Of The Negative

It’s inevitable that negative people and situations are going to come into your life. But you have the choice whether you are going to let it take over. As my mother always told me, “You have the choice to be either happy or sad so you might as well be happy. “ It’s easier said than done but it’s well worth it! Here are four reasons(that worked for me!) of why you should let go of the negative:


  1. Letting go of things that don’t serve you gives you more room to love

Unknown-1 The negative takes up a lot of your time and energy. Imagine how much time you would have if you cut out all negative thoughts and stresses. Now imagine what else you could do with your time. Cutting out negative things in is not a loss; It’s a gain. When you cut out negative people you have more room to love yourself and others. Instead of thinking about what you have to lose, change your mindset and realize how much more energy you have to love. Let go of what doesn’t serve you and use all that extra space for love.


  1. Empowerment


UnknownSomething that I realized recently that never dawned on me was how empowering it is to cut negative people out of your life. If you’re like me, one of the top reasons I couldn’t let negative people or situations go in my life was because I was afraid I would miss it. There also always seemed to be a battle between wondering why a person would treat me so negatively. It sucked me in wanting to keep them in my life because I wanted them to know that I was worth having… and of course the people never changed.

One day it dawned on me. There comes a time in your life when you see an unhealthy pattern and you realize that it’s not going to change and it’s not healthy for you to keep it in your life. Instead of thinking how hard it was to let someone go, I saw it in a new light. It wasn’t letting someone go, it was being strong enough to say I’m worth more than this and I will not allow negative things in my life. I realized that I have the choice to pick who and what is in my life and if I wanted people to treat me with respect that I’d need to cut out people who didn’t. It was a powerful thought for me and I hope for you too—You have the power to pick and choose who you surround yourself with so do it. Don’t be afraid to show people that you will let them go if they aren’t helping you be a better person. Creating that boundary is empowering and healthy.

  1. The opportunity to attract more positivity in your life

images-1Just like a mathematical equation: When you take negative from your life you are only left with positive. You begin to see the real value and traits of good people and if you read my blog about The Law of Attraction, you know the power you have to attract even more positive in your life. Once you see your worth and become empowered it radiates off of you and people DO pick up on that. Letting negative people and situations go will only allow more positive to come into your life.


  1. Inspiring others to let go

inspirational-pictures-quote_15190-5Something that has always helped me get through hard times was instead of having a bad day I would help one other person instead. When you are dealing with letting go of a negative person, situation or relationship in your life you need to think that because of this you have the ability to help someone else going through the same thing. Being a positive force and not allowing negative in your life is a powerful thing and the more you do it and talk about it, the more you inspire everyone you encounter to live a better and more positive life and in turn you inspire yourself.



I encourage you to get out a pen and paper and write down now three things that are not serving you that you can let go of: a negative thought, person, maybe even a job. Think about them and write down how you can apply these tips above to the situation. It’s all about reframing what is going on in your life and empowering yourself to live the life you want.


There is never a reason why anyone or anything should ever bring you down. You deserve the best. So be proactive and let go of the negative and open yourself to better things!


Please share with me in the comments your experiences with letting go and any other tips that helped you.

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