5 Celebrities Who Used The Law of Attraction And It Worked

Celebrities, they achieve goals that many deem impossible. How do they do it? Is it luck? Hard work? A little bit of both? After researching speeches by some of the most successful people in the world, it seems that the key to success is really a mindset. Believing, visualizing and taking action is what separates successful people from the pack.

The Law Of Attraction is a tool  powerful people credit as the first step to achieve success. This “law” in simplest terms means what we believe is what we attract to ourselves.

Sceptic? Many people are.  How can thinking of something make it come true?  The skeptics are part right with that; Thinking of something won’t necessarily make it true. However, what makes something come true is the belief in yourself and taking action.  If you don’t think you will achieve something then why would you? To make the Law Of Attraction work you need to believe and consume yourself with your goals. You need research it, meet people who do what you want to do, learn from them and take action. It is in the action where you will see results and what makes someone become successful.


Still a skeptic? Below are four celebrities who tell their story of the Law of Attraction and how they manifested their dreams.




Oprah tells Larry King that prior to being in the movie The Color Purple in 1984 she read the book and became obsessed with it. She bought the book for all her friends and thought about it non stop. As soon as she moved to Chicago, she got a call from a casting director to be in a movie (she had never been asked to be in one before and knew none of the directors) and it turned to be for The Color Purple. Check her story in the video above.


Jim Carrey

Prior to becoming famous, Jim Carrey would drive to Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles and visualized producers and directors wanting to work with him and complimenting him on his craft. He did this daily.  And in 1995 he wrote himself  $10,000,000 check for “Acting services rendered” that he kept in his wallet.  Thanksgiving of 1995 he was paid $10,000,000 for Dumb And Dumber and we all know the star he has become today.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Before Arnold was a huge action star, he was a body builder. When he said he wanted to be an action movie star no one believed in him. They said last name was too hard to pronounce and his accent was too hard to understand. But he says he knew what he was to be even if no one else did. Just as he envisioned his body to be a certain way to become Mr. Olympia, he did the same thing for his acting career and put in the work. See his story above.




LMFAO talks about how they used the Law of Attraction to attract success into their life. Redfoo goes on to explain when he was on the Black Eyed Peas album in 1998 he would sing about not needing to go to college to be smart and that’s what he did and the Black Eyed Peas were rapping about the things they wanted like traveling the world and getting money and that’s they got. And that’s when it hit him and how he realized that he needed to make music about things he wanted. And if you look at LMFAO’s songs like Yes, that’s exactly what they did. Watch the video above.

 Will Smith


Will Smith’s passion and belief in himself can be heard in this video. He talks about how he’s no one special anyone can achieve greatness as long as they believe in themselves. See the video above for a wonderful example of how his mindset has helped him achieve his goals.


These celebrities are no different from you. They are not gods, they are people who believed with their heart no matter what anyone told them that they would achieve what they saw for themselves.  Then they took action and made it a reality. That is the secret. 


“Many things aren’t equal but everyone gets the same 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We make time for what we truly want.” – anonymous

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