How To Make Anyone Instantly Fall In Love With You

Can you make anyone instantly fall in love with you?  I enlisted the advice of Happiness Coach & Celebrity Love Expert from E!’s Famously Single, Rob Mack, to find out the answer. Spoiler, the answer is yes! But how?

Rob’s number one tip? Unconditionally love yourself first!  Now, I know EVERYONE says this but here’s  the truth of what that really means.

He explains, “One way to define self love: it’s a non seeking kind of energy. There’s something about that energy,  when you experience yourself as the source of everything. There’s a non neediness and non desperate energy in that and its very attractive.We know this based on science, happy people are rated more attractive physically. It’s the guy or girl who is just truly and completely confident in themselves, they don’t need anybody, they don’t need anything and everybody wants their attention.”

But how do we get there?

“At the end of the day everything you are looking for in the world is inside of you. Peace, love happiness, true abundance! We know that because we see people every day, very famous people who have everything but they are deeply truly miserable,” he shares.

The reason this is so important is because, “If you don’t love yourself you can’t receive love but you can’t give it either and people don’t realize that. A person with a negative mindset, a person who is not self loving, they seek out and only can receive information or feedback that confirms their negative self concept.”

This explains why someone with a negative self concept will reject a compliment & can come off stand offish in public. But the opposite is also true.

So here’s where you get everyone instantly attracted to you:

” When you completely truly love yourself everything everyone says is pretty much a compliment. When I walk into a room, I genuinely feel like everyone loves me and they just don’t know how to show me. And that shift changes everything. You no longer are seeking something from that and people realize. When you are not seeking something from someone, they want to be available to you.”

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