Dom Zeglaitis Reveals The Secret To YouTube Success

YouTube star Dom Zeglaitis reveals the secret to YouTube Success. Dom, is known for his crazy antics on the internet, but the 23-year-old explains there’s much more to internet success than what meets the eye.

“A lot of people online think I’m an idiot just ’cause of the character that I play. You know, I like to have fun but at the same time you gotta have a balance between having fun and getting things done,” he reveals.

Zeglatis, who recently won Best Ensemble for his Vlog Series  at the  Streamy Awards this year has officially joined the ranks of some of the worlds biggest YouTubers. A feat only few achieve.

“For like one video depending on the video it will take me maybe five to seven hours (to edit). It’s more work than people see.” He explains,” People think oh, you just wake up and you shoot videos all day and that’s your life. I mean, to a certain extent it is,  but there are a lot of things that go into the back end. You know, I’ll edit my own videos, I’ll cut stuff myself. It’s really like a lifestyle.”

But one thing Dom wants people to know is to not give up on finding what they are passionate about. Even if things are hard at first.

“People think I’m gonna make one video and hopefully I’ll blow up. It’s definitely not like that. I’ve made so many videos where they only got like 100 views, 200 views and I was like wow, I really tried my best to make this dope piece of content and then it flops. But you have to keep going. You can’t let yourself get brought down by the losses. ”

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