How to be a Black Lives Matter Ally

All week, I’ve wanted to make a video and help spread awareness on the Black Lives Matter movement. But I feel as someone who is white that I am not educated enough on the topic. How do I make a difference? How can I be an ally to the movement? What’s the right thing to do? I found myself feeling overwhelmed wanting to do good but not knowing how.  That made me think maybe others were feeling this way too. So I decided why not ask someone directly what’s the best thing to do?

So on this weeks Dose of Bliss I sit down with  Celebrity Makeup Artist & Beaty expert Nakeah Fuller. We discuss what we can do to come together and have a real, open dialogue about how to be an ally to the black community & what Black Lives Matter means. Nakeah shares her personal stories of prejudice &  what issues black people face within the beauty community.  Nakeah and I hope that through watching this interview you learn to not be afraid to learn about someone who is different. These can be difficult topics to bring up but it’s so  important that we listen and learn so we can create a better tomorrow.

Watch this video to learn how to be a Black Lives Matter ally and learn to how to have an open conversation with someone of a different race. 

To donate, support, and help effectively please see the following link:…

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