How I Hung Out With Karina Smirnoff | Karina Smirnoff’s Karina Collection Launch

A few weeks ago at the Sofitel Los Angeles in Beverly Hills, ballroom dancer (you may know her from Dancing With The Stars), Karina Smirnoff celebrated the launch of her new make-up line The Karina Collection in partnership with LASplash Cosmetics! And I was there to check out all the glam and got to spend a little time with Karina!

If you have been following along with my blog, you know how all I talk about it the law of attraction. So, here’s how I got access to this wonderful event. I formerly was a reporter for InTouch & Life & Style Weekly. I freelance for them sometimes still  and when the opportunity came to report at this event, I went for it. I have not covered an event for a few months so it really was a sign from the universe that I am still allowed to pursue all of my passions and dreams.

So to the event I went.

It was as if I had never left the red carpet. This particular event had one of my favorite reps involved, who happens to be from the same city as me,Chicago (again, Law of Attraction). She arranged for me to do a private interview with Karina in her private suite, The Peroni Nastro Azzuro Suite. We giggled and caught up as we walked to the room for the interview. It was as if I never left.  Once I got to Karina, she was so sweet! I know the entertainment industry is often spoken about as a “hard” industry, with people to not be trusted. But what stands out to me is how opposite Karina is to that and the rest of her team. They are genuine people that make you feel welcome! It was if we all had known each other for ever. Why isn’t life always this way?

When I spoke with Karina, I would have never thought she dreamed of having a makeup line. I also thought about how she may have not known her career would ever lead to making such an amazing mark on the world. She told me how she had been working on The Karina Collection for few years and how she wanted to make sure the product was something that would be smooth, long lasting & cruelty free.  It was inspiring to see that dreams really come true & that people at the top can be kind.

I was gifted some eyeliner and lipstick to keep.  I decided to try it after the event. And wow, let me tell you, it is now my new favorite lipstick. I did not expect the product to be so creamy and actually last all day. But it did just like she said. It really exceeded my expectations. I have been gifted a lot of product in my day as a reporter and honestly, nothing has been this high of quality!

See Below, I am wearing Karina Collection Liquid Lipstick, color Flirt. Shop it here.

Anyways, back to the event!  There were lipstick readings (like getting your palm read),  but your lips, and you could get your nails done by Nail Garden. Attendees also indulged with sips by Peroni USA, specialty cocktails from Patron and H2rOse, lite bites from Esterel & sparkly cupcakes from Polkatots.

But the highlight of the event was the energy of the people there! It was a few days after the solar eclipse and maybe there was something in the air but everyone was so friendly. You think about Hollywood as a place where people are always trying to get somewhere, but not at Karina’s launch event. Everywhere you turned you could make a new friend.  I ended up befriending another dancer from DWTS and a makeup artist from RuPaul’s Drag Race. They knew Karina well, I pointed out to them how open and kind everyone had been that night. They agreed, it was one of the most friendly events they had been to within this industry too.

They explained that Karina is always herself and she is a good person so that is the kind of people she attracts into her life. And that is why everyone is the way they are at this event.

And then it hit me. What am I always saying? The law of attraction, like attracts like. I had a hiatus from the red carpet because I was worried what people would think if I left. I was worried I wouldn’t be accepted anymore. How could I come back? I didn’t know how to be a reporter but also have a blog or pursue multiple passions.  But I was accepted. And in that moment I realized I am exactly where I needed to be.


And that is how I hung out with Karina Smirnoff, tested out her new makeup line and found out a little bit more about myself.







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