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There are some things people won’t tell you in college for success. Not because they are trying to hide it from you, but just because most people are not thinking about these tips. Luckily, you have me! With it being back to school season, today’s advice is for college. A lot of people ask me how I have found a lot of success and much of that is due to my positive mindset and law of attraction techniques. But those techniques and mindset help me be more confident in fighting for what I want. And in college is when I really learned how hard we have to fight for what we want.


Watch My Video below for my top 10 Tips for College Success:


The tip from this video I want you to take with the most is #4 — find a mentor! This tip is so crucial not only because how much a mentor can help you but also my experience to finding one. See, no one told me in college I could have one. After changing my major I found late in the game that all students got a mentor freshman year in my department (Journalism) but I didn’t get one because I switched majors my junior year. I only happened to find out about this mentor from students, not from teachers or advisors. That day, I acted on it. I went straight to my advisor and told him that I wanted a mentor that was based in Los Angeles working in entertainment. (Because I wanted to become an entertainment reporter in LA) And my advisor got me two: The executive producer of Discovery Channel and the executive producer of Extra. Yes! Huge TV shows and channels.  Yes, you can get in touch with people at the top of the game and they will talk to you and help you. And don’t you dare think that they don’t have time for you!

One of my mentors told me that he came and spoke at my college multiple times and handed out his card to thousands of students over the years. Out of all of them, I WAS THE ONLY PERSON WHO FOLLOWED UP! It made me stand out. These mentors, I still work with and talk to today (8 years later!).

This is so important to note because my college didn’t even have an entertainment department. It shows you that  you have to have the confidence to ask for and fight for you what you want. People are not going to just give you opportunities, you have to create them!

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