What Happens When You Make A Wish In A Tequila Fountain?

July 24, 2017 was National Tequila Day and Jose Cuervo decided to turn water into tequila by putting different types of fountains filled with Cuervo Especial Silver instead of water throughout Los Angeles.

So how did I find this fountain?

Well, the law of attraction strikes again! I know I have been posting a TON about it, but that’s because all my hard work and vision boards are really getting a jump start and I want you to see it is real.  A business goal of mine had been to start to grow my social presence so I can start working with brands more. And last week I finally got the call from Jose Cuervo to work with them for National Tequila Day.

They decided reframe a Monday into something more special. Because of course we don’t think of Tequila and Mondays together (well, at least I don’t!). I think it’s safe to say most people don’t think of Mondays as fun. They decided through this campaign #H2CUERVO the message they wanted to remind us that we need to live in the now and enjoy every  moment we have.  Jose Cuervo took something that seemed basic and normal like a Monday and gave  that day more life. Which they did so by turning water into Tequila, because why not!?  

And isn’t that what I always talk about? Well, I don’t always talk about tequila, but I always talk about living in the present moment and reframing situations into positive ones. So the fact that out of all the people, I was picked to work something that had a mission that resonates with me is a true testament to believing in ourselves.

So back to the fountains.

Tequila fountains were located at The Abbey in West Hollywood, Venice Beach Boardwalk & Hollywood & Highland shopping center. I was assigned to go to the Abbey and check out their fountain. This fountain was literally a greek fountain and happened to be their most unique activation (The others were drinking fountains, also super cool)  I had to come up with a witty post about it for social media, so as usual, I decided to look for the deeper meaning within what was going on here.

So I thought about the symbology of a fountain. I searched the web and found this definition that I liked,  “The Symbolic Meaning of a Water Fountain — Most fountains that you see spring from a round bowl-shaped container or vase. The inside of the bowl or pool is sacred space, a “Holy Grail” you might say, which represents the transcendence of duality or on a psychological level, the gap between our thoughts.” (Source)

I like that, a fountain is more than a fountain. It symbolically represents the transcendence of self. Perhaps that could be a reason why we make wishes in fountains. Perhaps they bring us closer to something magical.  So I thought, well, I guess I should make a wish in this fountain too.  I can’t help but wonder what happens when you make a wish into a tequila fountain? Does it change things?

I can’t tell you what that wish was. Or what the effects will be yet. But to me, it feels like tequila would add a touch of freedom to myself. Letting lose with my wish and giving my dreams to the universe in a different language. I already knew that by being here  a dream of mine was already coming true, a small step in my goal, but none the less, I was here.

We must find the meaning in life around us. And I hope you start to make an average day special like Jose Cuervo and keep making wishes like I did.

You never know what could happen when you make a wish in a tequila fountain.


For More info on National Tequila Day go here 

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