My Travel Vision Board Came True

Hey Everyone! As you know I have been adding to my blog some lifestyle posts. In addition to that, I have been back on my YouTube. So, I will be sharing those videos here too! It’s all similar content to this blog, so I hope you subscribe.

If you have been following me for a while or if you are new, I have had travel on my vision board for some time. My goals have been to: travel more, create a lifestyle where I can work less but make more money, inspire others, get back on camera, and find that “perfect” life balance we all strive for!  So this is my start. I hope that by working on this blog and my social media, I can create this destiny for myself that will manifest into more opportunities.

And it’s starting.

This year I have already gone to Thailand, Spain & Mexico (I had never been out of the country other than a cruise before this & that was 10 years ago! ) I knew that someday I would travel the world, but I never knew when. I had all these excuses, it’s expensive, I have no one to go with…I don’t have time….and worst of all… I get sick when I travel.  All these reasons why I couldn’t go somewhere I wanted to. So finally, I put travel onto my vision board & and I started to seriously think about it, talk about it and commit to the thought of actually getting out of my house and going somewhere. And bam! My boyfriend surprised me with trips to Spain and Thailand! I was forced to get out of my comfort zone and go where I’ve always wanted to! I started to see the world a little differently; I realized if I want to go somewhere, I just have to commit and do it just like anything else.

Casa Batllo in Barcelona, Spain. My favorite house built by Gaudi. I had learned about Gaudi in college and always wanted to see his work. My boyfriend never knew when he picked the trip! The Law of Attraction is real!

La Sagrada Familia– Barcelona, Spain.


Phuket Thailand

After these exotic trips I thought I’d be done traveling for a little.  But for some reason I kept talking about going to Seattle. I figured maybe I’d go the next year but all of the sudden, an opportunity arose to go for free, all expenses paid!  A friend of mine posted to Facebook that her mom needed someone to watch her dogs while she was out of town. In exchange, I’d have a free place to stay and free flight with some food in the fridge. I decided to jump on the opportunity and go.

Now, that my friends, is the Law Of Attraction in action!

All of these opportunities have made me decide that I need to train my brain to not think the way I used to. The moment I quit my job, I started to redefine what work was. I stopped thinking I will get sick when I travel and focused on how I wanted my life to be. I acted on it. And now I have decided to share these experiences with you.   I want you to know that your dreams can come true. And I am telling you this  so I can become that person I have always wanted to be: The one that inspires others, travels more, get’s on camera, and utilizes time wisely.

I have always talked about letting your light shine, and so here it goes, I have to do it too and set an example. I have to do it now. You have to do it now. The time is now! It is because of you reading this blog, that gives me the fuel to keep going on these dreams when I feel that it’s too crazy to get there. I hope that you can watch and support me on my journey and I hope in return it inspires you on yours.  My travel vision board has come true and below. Below is one of my first travel vlogs I have posted to my channel of that trip to Seattle to prove it.




Keep up with your dreams. Do things even if it scares you. I’m doing it and so can you.


Do you have a vision board? Comment below some places you want to go to and manifest!



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