Emmys 2017: What’s In The Swag Bag? | Law of Attraction Story

I have been on this journey to make my vision board come true and one of my goals is to go back to red carpet events. Yes, back! If you are new to my blog, I used to be a reporter and then left the job to have a more balanced life. However, I do still love being a blogger and a reporter and want to make my way back to the red carpet but working for myself.I put this on my vision board but it wasn’t coming true.

Why? Because I wasn’t fully believing in this dream. I was afraid that I couldn’t do it. How do I explain to people what I do? Do I have enough followers for people to want to invite me back? I was used to working for a large company but not something small like myself. Then I realized, I wasn’t following my own advice.

I was not following the basic law of attraction.

#1. I didn’t know what I wanted

If you don’t know what you want how do you tell other people? I was not introducing myself to the world as a person who was a blogger/vlogger. I was telling people I used to be a reporter and now I blog a little. How was I going to achieve this goal if I didn’t know what it was? How was I going to get opportunities if people didn’t know what I wanted?

#2. I was worried what people would think

I was so scared to just start blogging about more topics than just motivation. I was worried I would lose you loyal followers who have been there since day one. I was also worried that no one would take me seriously. After coming from a large national magazine, how do I compete with that?

#3. I wasn’t trying

Because of all these fears I was not going for what I wanted! 


Of course these goals had no chance of manifesting with that attitude. If you don’t try, if you don’t believe in yourself, then how are you going to ever achive what you want? We can’t always worry what others think. We have to go for what makes us happy. So, these past few months I’ve finally decided to go for it and not be so scared. What is that going to teach any of you reading this blog?!

And finally the opportunities are starting to happen. And it’s much better than I thought!

Watch the video below so you can see that I did manifest that goal and what is inside the Emmy’s swag bag!! And maybe next time, you may just see me at the Emmys 🙂

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