If you were looking for a sign this is it

We all have dreams, goals and things we want more than anything in this world. But there comes a time in your life where something holds you back. There comes a time where maybe you stopped believing in yourself or someone said you weren’t good enough, you let fear and your insecurities hold you back.

Well, it’s time to slap some sense back into you and to remind you that’s not true. You are good enough; you do deserve love and success. I’m going to remind you why you decided to embark on your dreams in the first place.

Here’s why you need to keep going:


1. You get what you look for

Life Coach Tony Robbins describes this perfectly in his seminars, let’s do one of his tests right now. Look around your room, I want you to find anything that is black and memorize it.. Do this as you read this. Next close your eyes….okay now what in your room is blue? Exactly, you were expecting black so you looked for black so you couldn’t find blue.. but as soon as you looked for blue you could find it. This is what happens in life… you get what you are looking for…. the law of attraction. If you think you are worthless and can’t achieve something you will keep finding excuses to feel that way. If you look for good you will keep finding good. Simple as that. Period.

2. If you keep doing the same thing nothing changes

If you keep doing the same things you keep getting the same results. Imagine if you kept on this path where you just give up right now. What would happen? What would you be doing? Now fast forward five years from now… ten years from now. If you gave up where would you be? Would you be happy?

Now come back to the present moment. Imagine if you didn’t give up, where would you be five years from now? Ten years from now? If you keep believing and going, look how far you could go.

Things may seem bad right now but there is always hope and if you keep going you will make it to the other side.

3. You’re worth it

You are not here to just fill space or be in the background of life. Remember that nothing would ever be the same if you did not exist. Every place you have ever been and everyone you have ever spoken to would be different with you you. We are all connected and affected by the decisions and even existence of those around us. You are the only person like you in the universe and that means only you can put your special touch on the world.

4. It’s what you really want

If you believe in something then why should you give up? Ever hear about the guy who gave up on their dreams? Exactly. You don’t hear about them because they gave up. No one ever succeeded without failure, the people who succeed keep going. This is your life and you have the right to be happy.

Refer to my previous post: The Key to Success is Failure for more proof and examples of the most successful people who did not give up.

5. You will achieve your goal and even surpass it

If you give up you will 100% not get it but by trying you give yourself a chance. If you really want something and do everything in your power to not let your dream slip away then it won’t you can and will get there and even surpass your goals. But you’d never get there if you give up. See reason #1 again.

6. Challenge equals growth

When you work out and your abs start to be in pain you don’t complain. You don’t think why is this happening to me? You think, yes, I feel pain so this means my workout is working and I am getting stronger and closer to getting that six pack.

It’s the same thing for emotional pain. You are being challenged, it hurts, it is a struggle, just like those last few reps of a workout. The emotional pain is the same… you need to reframe the situation and realize you are being challenged and that challenge is making you mentally stronger. It is making you a better person for the future.

And lastly, just to make sure you keep on going watch this video below:


All you ever needed has been within yourself all along.

If you were looking for a sign… this is it.


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