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Watch this video for some much needed advice on calming the mind.

There’s so many things you can do to change the way your brain defaults in certain situations to be more positive and supportive for yourself. With the current state of the world in a global crisis that effects our health and economy this can be harder than ever before. For this week’s Dose Of Bliss, I sat down (pre- coronavirus) with Internet Personality Omgitsfirefoxx, Sonja Reid. She discusses how she overcame severe panic attacks and how you can overcome your strong negative thoughts too.

“I used to have really bad panic attacks, in high school I had to drop out a couple of times because it was so bad that I just couldn’t go to school. I couldn’t handle it. But I haven’t had a panic attack for five years,” she revealed. “But actually a couple days ago I felt like I had a panic attack coming on for the first time in five years. And I was like, what!? I thought you were gone?”

And that’s how panic attacks and stress is, they don’t disappear, the stress is always there. But how we choose to handle that stress makes a difference. Sonja explained that this time she was able to stop this panic attack from coming on. So how did she do this? How did she go from having to drop out of high school due to severe panic attacks and now be able to manage it?

Below are her three tips to end your strong negative thoughts:

Catching your internal Monologue

“Just say stop, why am I saying that? That’s not true. I don’t mean that. Internally being more kind to yourself. I read a book about neuroplasticity and just thinking certain patterns and correcting your thoughts and correcting the way you do certain actions, it literally rewires your brain. If you can catch yourself doing something negative or talking negative to yourself, correcting yourself…the more times you correct yourself the more you will do it naturally. It fixes yourself over time just putting it into a better, positive pattern.” You can learn more about this topic here.


“People think that we have all these tools that aren’t available regularly for people, but they’re all in here (your mind). Just taking time to yourself to let thoughts go. Recognizing your thoughts, acknowledging them and letting them go. I feel like that’s a good first step to acknowledge, oh, I’m feeling like this or in this way, or oh this thought pattern keeps coming up and just being able to catch yourself and catch your thoughts and have more control over them. It’s so good to take time for yourself and decompress. “


“Back when I started meditating, I thought it was useful to imagine when I was breathing in that I had all this gunk, black gunk, in my head and it was like clouding thoughts and clouding everything. But when I would breathe in during mediation I would imagine breathing in a clearing white smoke and it was breaking it down and the more I would breathe in and the slower I would take, the more time I would take and the deeper breaths it would keep releasing all of this buildup and I could visualize it coming out of my nose. I would visualize it leaving my body as I was breathing and feeling so light after and feeling honestly clear headed from that was unbelievable. When I went to therapy and I brought it up she (the doctor) was like, I was going to tell you all these visualization techniques but you’re already doing it! It feels like all of that anxiety is physically leaving the body and I guess energetically, it is!”

There’s not much that we can control about our circumstances sometimes and that can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. But we can control ourselves using the steps that Sonja shares. If she can overcome her strong negative thoughts, so can you!

So what does Sonja’s biggest message she wants to leave you with?, “It’s mind over matter and just being able to take time to understand how you work in certain situations and be able to regain your control. Anyone can, it’s just putting in the time. The biggest thing is, you’re not here for long, but you’re here right now. Put yourself in the moment, put yourself into yourself and just be present.”

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