She Made 1 Billion Dollars Using Affirmations

I’ve had a lot of people recently come up to me who don’t believe that writing down  goals makes a difference. They think affirmations and visualization is not important because, how is something going to come true by just thinking it or writing it down?

This is a shame to believe because writing down goals, affirmations and visualization is such a game-changing technique. And, I have a true story for proof.

There’s a woman today who’s made 1 BILLION DOLLARS using visualization and affirmations.  She started like any of us, a normal person. She wanted to be a lawyer and worked very hard in school only to fail her L-SATS. She was crushed. She wasn’t going to have her dream job. She eventually was  hired in sales to sell copy machines. She was very successful  but like many of us she was great at the job but she wanted to do more with her life.

She decided to make a clear vision for her goals. She wrote down that she wanted to own her own business and to create a product that would fund itself.

She had an idea. Legless pantyhose. A concept that people at the time thought was crazy. But as I said, she had a clear vision of where she wanted to take this. She did not give up and continued to pursue the goals she wrote down. And today, that idea she had became a billion dollar business.

That woman woman is Sara Blakely and the company is Spanx.

SO YES, AFFIRMATIONS AND VISUALIZATION ACTUALLY DOES WORK. AND WHAT’S EVEN CRAZIER?  I heard this story a few years ago and have been wanting to work with Spanx and Sara for YEARS. I love her products and found it so inspiring to see someone so successfully use the technique. If she could do it so could I. So I put it in my affirmations and have been visualizing that I would get to work with Spanx. And guess what!!? SPANX has teamed up with me to sponsor this blog post.


In fact, I’m wearing her new line arm tights & her new pants right now! [Pictured below] I have always been a huge fan of Spanx and what the brand stands for. The products are so well made, comfy and make me feel beautiful.  I have a 15% off discount code for you [Click here to use it] Use this code: AFF17NAA

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I’m wearing the SPANX Faux Leather Moto Leggings ($110) & SPANX Arm Tights Layering Piece in black ($30 – $34)

As you can see affirmations and visualization is SO helpful. It doesn’t happen over night. You have to put in the work. Spanx took years to manifest. Sara was turned down countless time with people not believing in her, she had to write her own patent for the product and even call up stores like Neiman Marcus personally for distribution. But writing down that clear vision gave her a path to know the steps she had to take to make what she wanted inevitable.

And now, look how well it worked for Sara. She’s living her dream and achieving a vision that’s also helping women everywhere to feel sexier and more confident. Not only that, this blog post is proof that it works.

I want to thank you guys for supporting me and my journey. Working with Spanx has been a long time dream and YOU have made it a reality. NEXT GOAL: Get Sara Blakely as a mentor & in my videos/blog posts to tell you herself.

Now here’s my question for you: What dream will YOU make a reality? Let’s start your visualization & affirmations now! Comment below a personal goal you have!

15% off discount code for you [Click here to use it]

Use this code: AFF17NAA

This post was sponsored by Spanx

Watch more about this story in the Video below:



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