The Voice’s Presley Tennant Shares Kelly Clarkson’s Advice for Success


In honor of The Voice Finale Monday May 20th & 21st, My latest Dose of Bliss interview is with  contestant Presley Tennant!

The 16-year-old, has achieved a lot!  At 11, Presley joined the girl group 5LP and got to perform for Kelly Rowland and the Jacksons. She was in the group for two years until they broke up, but instead of being discouraged, Presley began to work on her solo career which paid off because she made it to the Top 24 finalists on The Voice!

Presley reveals her coach, Kelly Clarkson’s most memorable advice, “You can’t take yourself for granted for things. And so she was like, you just need to keep working for that because as soon as you settle down in it, that’s when everybody else is going to start passing you & you’re gonna be stuck in your ways. ”

Kelly makes a great point!  How many of us become complacent in life? We stop because of a fear or a voice that holds us back.

Presley adds, “I work extremely hard for what I do, but I’m only as good as what I’m capable of doing and whatever I can see. She really opened my eyes. ”

Even though Presley didn’t make it until the end of singing competition that’s not stopping her, The young rising star has a single coming out called Me & You! You can find out all the details on its release on Presley’s site here.

Presley & Kelly teach us that we can grow no matter what age & skill level that we are in life. And no matter what, no matter who says no we must keep working for our dreams!

Watch the full interview here

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