I tried To Heal Myself with Massage & Energy Healing, This Is What Happened

Can we heal ourselves through massage & energy healing? As you may know by reading this blog, I haven’t been feeling well lately. I’ve been dealing with some chronic issues for the past five months that doctors can’t find the answer to. So, I’ve gone on a mission to help my body heal itself.
Through research I found, most chronic illnesses appear to be caused by external factors & new studies show that stress is one of the biggest culprits. If you’re like me, when I go to the doctor and they mention the cause as stress I leave feeling defeated.  How is that the answer to my problem? I work on my stress. Why isn’t the yoga, healthy diet and meditation I do not helping enough? What am I doing wrong then?
I leave hopeless praying for some relief! I started to wonder, could energy healing be a component to healing? As I begun to do some research on the topic, Through the graces of the universe (#lawofattraction) , VEDA Ayurvedic Wellness and Treatment Center reached out to me to sample a healing massage. According to their website, “Ayurveda is an ancient Vedic system of healing that focuses on the mind, body and spirit. This conscious-based approach to health brings harmony and balance to all areas of your life through diet, daily routines, herbal oil treatments, yoga and breathing exercises.”
Like many people suffering, traditional medicine was only making me worse. I was ready to try holistic approach. What did I have to lose? At least I’d get a massage and feel released. So, I decided to opt for an Abyanga & Svedena full body massage & an Ayurvedic Facelift Massage. Would this be a step to find my cure?
Below is what my experience was and the effects I found from Ayurvedic Massage & healing the body.

Abhyanga & Svedena Massage

This massage is a full gentle body massage with warm medicated herbal oils that remove toxins from the cells. The treatment uses gentle strokes and special techniques that  allow energy to easily flow throughout the body.

My experience? It was AMAZING. During the massage I felt how much pain & toxins I had inside.  It felt like each spot of tension on me was filled with painful inflammation that my massage therapist knew exactly how to release.  My nervous system began to relax.

Going into the massage, I felt so sick and had honestly given up hope on feeling better. During the massage I realized I had completely let go. I started to release and secretly cry (hopefully the masseuse didn’t notice this) I remember thinking I was too tired to fight my suffering anymore and if I were to die right then and there I would surrender.  Somehow I was in a trance and when I came to, I realized there was a meditational song on that kept saying surrender. That’s when it hit me that something powerful happened inside me. I have never surrendered like that in my life! The only way to describe it was complete release and letting go.  I realized what it finally meant to surrender. My body relaxed but &  there was a greater change felt in my mind & soul.


Ayurvedic Facelift Massage

The facelift massage is a technique  that uses gentle strokes and acupressure. It helps to lift the skin, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.

This part of the massage worried me. I had a red face rash that felt like a sun burn. Prior to the massage I had told the masseuse that I didn’t want to do it because I didn’t know what was going on with my face, would it aggravate it? He looked at it and said he could tell I had a lot of inflammation in my body and they only use natural coconut oil so he thought it would really help me feel better if I felt comfortable for the massage.
After talking to him I could tell he really understood how to heal the body so I decided to let him do the facelift massage.
I am so glad that I did. It brought me back to life. It was a trigger point massage, pressing different areas of my face to relax and drain the the sinuses.  The redness is my face & dark circles in my eyes diminished. I looked and felt more like me again.

Before (Left) Right (After) You can see a noticeable improvement from redness and irritation.

The session ended with him balancing my chakras. Now, I don’t know if you believe in that sort of stuff but I could feel it! As he waved his hands above my body it felt like a magnet waving over and healing me. It was intense and energizing. I left the massage feeling like a new person. When I came in I felt hopeless. And while I didn’t leave cured (as I only had one session) it showed me the true power of massage & energy healing. I felt 80% better within one hour!  This gave me the proof I needed that stress is a bigger component in chronic illness.
The experience has lead me realize there’s so much more to healing our body than what medical science knows.  I feel compelled to share this information to anyone reading out there who feels like me. There is hope for you to heal and I’d suggest adding massage & energy healing to your routine. Of course see a doctor when  you are sick. Everyone is different but I strongly suggest to take an hour of your month to get a massage.
So thank you so much VEDA for reaching out to me and helping me when I needed it the most. I will keep you all updated on this journey of healing.

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