Valentine’s Day Ideas

Whether you have a valentine or not, Valentine’s Day can become a day to give happiness to others.

Get creative

My friend and I with our homemade valentines stuck to us.

Every Valentine’s Day my friends and I make valentines , go to a public place, and hand out cards to everyone we see. This is such an amazing thing, every year I meet so many people just by handing them a card. The smile that each person gave back after receiving a card left my friends and I feeling so inspired.

Some Ideas to get you started

  1. Make custom valentines and stick them to yourself as my friend and I did in the picture above. You can become a walking valentine — Hand out the cards!
  2. Walk around with a poster saying “Free Valentines” — You will be surprised how many people will want one!
  3. Make valentine themed cookies and hand them out.

The point is to get creative and fun with it. You do not have to buy valentines–in fact the ones I handed out were post-it notes cut out as hearts,  it doesn’t matter what each card is made of, it’s the kindness behind the card.

“For it is in giving that we recive.” — St. Francis of Assisi

The power of a small act of kindness makes a huge impact in others lives. You never know how the people you encounter during your day were feeling a few moments before and how much your gesture can change someones day for the better.

Go take a moment out of your life to make a difference in someone else’s. This new spin on a holiday will leave you feeling more inspired than ever. Share your ideas of creative ways to spend Valentine’s Day in the comments!

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