How Would You feel If You Didn’t Base Your Self Worth off External Factors?

How would you feel if you didn’t base your self-worth off external factors? YouTube Star and Actress Anna Akana joins me on Dose Of Bliss this week to get to the bottom of self-love and what it really means.

Anna who amasses millions of followers on social media has enormous success. She’s beautiful & talented. You would assume she’s happy. Yet for a long time he felt the opposite.

Anna remembers the moment she came to the realization that she didn’t love herself, “I was like do I hate myself? And I thought yes.”

A very authentic and shocking revelation. If reaching a high level of success and achievement doesn’t lead to happiness, what does?

“I started looking at the choices I was making for myself and I was like, I’m sacrificing my boundaries for people when I don’t want to. I am sort of ignoring my own impulses,”She adds,” If my partner wanted to go get a massage because their back hurt I would be like, let’s go I’ll pay for it. I’ve had chronic back pain for years, do I ever take myself to get a massage? No. So I was like oh, the way I treat other people and the way I treat myself is so disproportionate.”

Anna identified a crucial point: Happiness doesn’t come from our achievements and self-hate doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t love ourselves. If we are wondering why we don’t feel self-love then we need to ask ourselves, are you putting external factors  such as your job or other people above how you take care of your own needs? If the answer is yes then we need to reevaluate what priorities are most important in our lives and start putting ourselves first.

“To me self worth means being able to hold yourself in esteemed value without any external influence so not based on your accomplishments, not based on your relationships or your friendships or anything other than you are enough just as you are.”

And how do we do that? Anna shares that there’s not one size fit’s all however if we take the time to dig where we are seeking validation from we will find our answer.

So tell me, How would you feel if you didn’t base your self-worth off external factors?


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