My Vision Board Success Story! | Six Month Manifestation Update 2019

Why isn’t my vision board manifesting? A question I often get.  Rightfully so, around this time of year, I find myself being hard on myself too. We’re half way through the year, time’s running out!

And that got me thinking, is that really the case?

Before we get all worked up about not being where we want to be let me ask you this question: Have you taken the time to assess your progress? You’re likely missing this very important step. If you aren’t taking the time to see how far you have come, how can you know?

No wonder we are being so upset with ourselves right?

We’ve made our vision board for the year but most people don’t people talk about checking in on our progress halfway through the year. So that’s what this post is all about. It’s time we have a check in and realize how far we have come!


Watch the video below to see what’s come true on my vision board in the last six months:


After taking some time to assess my vision board I realized not only have most of my goals already manifested BUT I am on track to hit them by next year! In a previous blog post I wrote about My Routine For Making A Vision Board Work, I discussed how having a time line is important for your goals.  So six months into the year it’s time to take a look into what’s actually manifesting.

Is your vision board working? I bet it is more than you thought it was. Gratitude is a key component to making a board come true. So use this time to assess how far you’ve come, not how far you have to go.



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