My Manifestation Routine | Make the Law Of Attraction Actually Work

Is the law of attraction real? Do vision boards really work?  That’s what a lot of people ask me when I talk about it. And I get it, how can something manifest by thinking it or writing it down? Well you are right, it won’t just manifest by doing that.  There is much more to it than that; Manifesting is a lifestyle. You work out everyday to stay in shape, well  I workout my mind everyday. I have a manifestation routine.

On my blog, I’ve shared a lot of tips on the law of attraction, vision boards and making what you want inevitable. But I’ve never shared anything this in depth of what I am actually doing on a day to day basis to attract these opportunities to me.

So to get you started and make it easy for you. I’ve decided to break down my manifestation routine into five easy steps that you can implement in your life. This is full proof if you actually do it. So if you are ready to live your dream life read on!


Step 1: Journaling 

Journaling is writing down goals in an organized way. Think of your goals as classes in school and your journal is your notes from class to prepare you for a future test or project.  To make this easy I first group my goals into categories such as: Business, Health/Wellness, Relationships etc.  Under each category I list each goal and under each goal I list what I need to do to achieve that goal.

I personally make my vision board before journaling  first so I have a visual of my goals to organize onto paper. You can read all about how to make the perfect vision board hereHowever, you can also journal before you have a vision board too. I suggest journaling for the new year in December so you have a few weeks to take your time on it and be ready for the new year.

Watch this video below to see how I break down my goals this way



Step 2: Daily affirmations

Now that we have journaled out goals. We clearly know what our goals are and what we have to do to achieve them. But that doesn’t mean you are going to believe you can do those tasks. That’s where affirmations come in.

Affirmations is writing down what you want in a positive way.  The definition of ‘affirm’ means to say something is true in a confident way; to show a strong belief in or dedication to (something, such as an important idea). Therefore, writing affirmations means to write down what you want in a confident way. In theory, this trains your brain to believe your statements are true. Affirmations are important because they build the intention behind your goal and help you gain the confidence in yourself to act on your dreams.

I suggest starting with 5- 10 affirmations a day. It  takes time to change the way you think and all of the sudden you will see a difference in how you take on the world. So it’s very important you do not skip this step.


Step 3: Visualization

Visualization is the act of creating a mental picture of something. This is my favorite part. It’s like daydreaming but on steroids. This step is where you focus on what you want. For example, say you want a new job. Envision yourself at that job. How do you walk into the office, what do you wear? How do you talk to your boss? Dream it up as big and best you can. 

Visualization is powerful because it gives you the opportunity to plan out scenarios for when your dreams happen. This makes you more prepared when an opportunity comes your way. You better believe for every job I ever got I planned the conversation before I even walked into the door.  Don’t pray for an opportunity to come into your life, work so that you will be ready when the opportunity comes. Because it will come, but if you are not ready for it, you won’t get it.

So practice visualization!


Step 4: Act

Just do it!! Seriously, the biggest reason the law of attraction fails is because most people really are not putting the effort into their goals. I mean it! You are reading this blog post… but are you actually going to commit to taking these steps tomorrow? This week? The time is now! Even if you try a little in one year from now you will be closer to that goal than you are today.


Step 5:  Let go of attachment

Now that you have a manifestation routine. Relax. Don’t hold on too tight that you will stress yourself out. You don’t want to hold on so tightly that you need to see something happen a certain way at a certain time. You also don’t want to overwhelm yourself.   If you’re  stressed  you will only manifest stress. So make it a routine and start becoming the person you want to be. Don’t sweat it we are not perfect every day. Mindsets take time to change so let’s start changing it.


And that’s my manifestation routine. Now it’s time for you to try it out.

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