My 2019 Vision Board | How I Always Make My Vision Board Work

Happy 2019 everyone! With the new year, it’s time we make our new vision board. So with no exception, I am sharing with you my 2019 vision board & some expert tips.

You’ve probably come to this post because you are ready to make your  goals a reality and you are looking for ideas to make the best vision board.  I like to consider myself an expert manifester. Every vision board I have made has come true past my wildest dreams! You can read more about my law of attraction success story here.

Watch the video below for my 2019 Vision Board & some easy tips to get started.

What makes my vision boards so successful? A few things: Organization, Affirmations, Mindset & follow through!

How I organize my vision board:

The key to having a successful vision board is actually knowing what you want. An easy way to do this is organize your board by categories: Business (jobs/money), Health & wellness, Relationships and miscellaneous goals such as travel, lifestyle, dream home etc.

Use Pinterest!

A lot of people use magazines to create their vision boards. And that’s not bad but it creates extra work such as trips to the store, spending money and sifting through magazines to see if there are any images you want. This can put you off from making your board. Just go on Pinterest and organize the categories above on there. Once you have enough images you are happy with open up a google spreadsheet and place the images on there neatly. If you do this right you will hardly have to  cut anything out and can just glue the paper straight to your board. So easy!

Mindset/ Affirmations

The key thing is mindset. Scientists have discovered that the brain is flexible, this means you can train your brain to believe in yourself more. It’s called neuroplasticity. I 100% believe I am capable of everything and I do everything in my power to keep that mindset. That’s why on my vision board, along with images I am sure to put down affirmations. These are positive statements we say to ourselves. If you watch my video you will see the center of my board says “In 2019 I am” this is setting the scene that everything on my board is what I am. I also place words such as : confidence, success, love etc.  If you don’t believe in yourself then who will?

Follow Through

It seems simple, but most people don’t go for their goals. A vision board is a powerful tool. It helps you organize your goals, create a vision for yourself and positive mindset. If you do what I tell you of course! But you have to try for the things on it. If you don’t try nothing will happen. Everything you need is within you. This is a visual representation of you inner best self!

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside awakes. ” – Carl Jung


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