Relieve Anxiety Fast With These At Home Winter Themed Spa Day Ideas

Here’s your winter reminder to save some time for you.

I’ve been super into at home spa days because it makes such a difference in my wellbeing. As someone who has a lot of anxiety and doesn’t calm down very easily, having an at home spa day saves me! From my experience not a lot of people take time or realize they can have an at home spa day so I thought I would start sharing my routine with you and  since it’s the holiday season I thought what would be more fun than trying out new  themed products?  So here you guys go, my winter spa relaxation routine!

First, every spa day must start with a few key components no matter the season. I start by setting up a spa playlist to set the mood. In this case for the holidays I am choosing holiday orchestra versions of songs (relaxing yet festive) just get out your phone and use whatever streaming service you like.

Then I bring out my salt rock lamp , this sets the ambiance. If you have a candle you can use that too bonus points if you have something with a holiday scent like cinnamon, gingerbread etc.If you have an oil diffuser (if not I’d suggest getting one to REALLY feel like you are at a spa) I love using essential oils to make a nice scent that fits the mood.

I also get a medium/small towel to wrap up behind my neck to use as a pillow. You can also put some peppermint or lavender (or mix both why not!?) essential oil on a rolled up towel and put in the fridge and hour before your bath to put behind your neck or on your face for a super refreshing feel.

Now it’s time for the holiday addition & some items you will need:

1.NENA Glacial Clay Mask

I love how the Glacial Ice mask is winter themed! It has a cooling yet moisturizing feel. I like this product because it’s suitable for all skin types and natural/mineral rich. The glacial oceanic clay contains over 60 minerals and rare earth elements. It’s verified by the Environmental Working Group. I’m all about products that are as good for you as they feel. Plus my skin was radiant after trying it out. Perfect to sooth your skin during the winter seasons.

I put on my mask while I fill up the tub letting the room steam up relaxing my  muscles and opening my pores.














2. Charcoal Peppermint Body Scrub by Ecococo 

Peppermint just screams holidays! But not only is a holiday flavor/smell, peppermint is very soothing to sore muscles. This product combines the properties of sea salt, coconut oil, activated charcoal and peppermint, the perfect combo for detoxifying and invigorating your skin.  It feels so relaxing just like you are at a spa… but at home! That’s the best part. 

How To use: I put the bath salt in while the water is filling up before I get into the tub.  Then I get in the tub and soak for as long as I feel.

3. Puddy Holly Bubble Roon by Lush Cosmetics 


Okay, I am totally being extra this holidays but these were too cute to pass up. Look at this bubbleroon by Lush Cosmetics!! I feel like adding this to any bath makes you feel extra special, plus its super fun to put in the tub and watch it change colors and bubble.

How to use: Crumble under running warm water as you fill the tub for mountains of fluffy, fragrant bubbles.
 The sweet, mouth-watering scents of almond and tonka will fill the air, while moisturizing streams of cocoa butter work to hydrate dry winter skin.

4. GingerBread Man Body Butter + Shimmer by Lush Cosmetics

One more Lush too cute to pass up.

This spicy, shimmering sparkle jar lets you twinkle like a star with a gilded plastic-free luster.

Apply along  exposed skin for a beautiful holiday fragrance with slight shine. And when you’re all done and dusted, use the ginger-and-clove jar as a packaging-free body butter to keep skin soft and smooth all season long.

How to use: Poke holes in the marked spots on your sparkle jar, then dust yourself soft. When you’ve used up your powder, melt the jar onto skin for serious softness and shimmer.
I love how this product is not only plastic free but it’s also interactive and fun! The perfect thing to lock in the moisture after you get out of the tub.
And then your at home spa day is complete! See that wasn’t so hard was it?
Please remember to take some time for yourself. If you are very stressed out take 30 minutes to an hour of a day to just get in the bath and relax. You will see after how ready you are to take things on and how easy it was to relax.
I hope this helps you ! Tweet me or Instagram me @lindsaybhoffman and let me know what you do for your spa day! 
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*disclosure Nena Skin Care paid me to review their face mask & Ecococo sent me free product to try out. These are my personal opinions of the product.






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