I Manifested $1000 in A Day Using Affirmations| Law of Attraction Success Story

This is the true law of attraction success story of how I manifested $1,000 in a day using affirmations.

Think of the saying, “Another day, another dollar.” Have you thought about What that really means? I never did, until one day I got into an Uber and asked my driver how his day was going. He said, ‘Another day, another dollar.’ This time it sounded different…. ‘Another day, another dollar’ is an affirmation… a negative affirmation.

Let me break this down for you:

Practicing affirmations is defined as the action or process of affirming something by putting an intention behind it. I talk about this method in my blog often because the use of affirmations is a  powerful law of attraction technique successful people do.

The science behind affirmations is powerful because the act of repeating something engraves an idea in our mind which eventually turns into action. To make an affirmation even more powerful we put an intention behind it. It’s key that the intention be positive.

Sounds simple enough, right?

In theory yes. If we choose daily mantras carefully, we will manifest amazing things. The tricky part is all the things influencing our minds that we don’t realize. Things that can be negative — something as simple as saying, “Another day, another dollar.”

By saying that we are literally affirming that each day we make only one dollar. Even more detrimental is the intention behind it. In American culture, The phrase ‘another day, another dollar‘ expresses a routine hard day of of with little pay.

So, based off the theory of using affirmations, if we are constantly expressing ‘another day, another dollar’ we are perpetually manifesting this negative state of no abundance. Yet we don’t even realize we are doing this!

So back to the Uber ride…

With this knowledge I asked the driver, “Why only a dollar? Do we only want to make a dollar a day? What would happen if we said ‘Another day another $1000?’ That sounds way better doesn’t it? I want to make $1000 per day.”

He agreed.

We decided that we would from now on change the saying to ‘Another day, another $1000 dollars.’ The driver and I decided to stay in touch and left the ride each feeling inspired and deserving of that $1000 per day rate.

With that new mantra in hand, a week went by & I couldn’t believe it. I was offered the opportunity to make $1000 in a day!

I had a meeting with one of my mentors for advice. It turned out she wanted some from me! I gave her some feedback and she told me she liked it. She requested that I write it up into a proposal that day. In return she would pay me $1000 for it. 

And just like that I had manifested $1000 in a day.

The moral is: If you want a law of attraction success story like mine, watch the words you are saying. There are subliminal affirmations being engraved in your mind for positive & negative. Keep an eye for those negative things and change the narrative to work for you.

If you notice yourself saying, ‘Another day, another dollar’ I hope you now change it to ‘another Day, another $1000 and see what magic unfolds.

The law of attraction can be that simple!

Watch my full story here of how I manifested $1000 in a day!

This video tells the law of attraction success story of how I manifested $1000 in a day by changing a negative affirmation to a positive one.

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