The Invisible House in The Desert

Located in the mountains of Palm Springs, Calif. is the ‘Mirage’ an invisible house in the desert created by artist Doug Aitkenas part of an art installation called Desert X. This is the house I have been seeing all over social media and like many, I’ve been wanting to go but didn’t think I would get the chance. But as I talk about this blog, The Law of Attraction Always has a way of manifesting our dreams.

I was invited to a new influencer convention in Palm Springs called ClamourCon. The convention happened to be 20 minutes away from the ‘Mirage.’ My friends and I decided that we had to go!

The house has no address, it can only be found by these coordinates: 36.1212° N, 115.1741° W. Although those coordinates actually go to a road that is blocked off near the house that says “Do Not Enter.” Our friends got there before us and turned around thinking the place was closed. But I never take no for an answer. I did a quick google search and saw that the house is indeed open until March 31, 2017.

We pulled up google maps and noticed that the house can be entered from a street a block away. The actual address is 1111 West Racquet Club Road —- note I am not sure why but most of the articles I googled lacked that important detail. You can use those coordinates as the address, but find Racquet Club Road and check out the map so you don’t get lost. We called our friends and all of us made it to the house, which did not disappoint. The home is mirrored from the inside out and is a seamless extension of the desert. The occupancy of a visit is limited to 25 people at a time which leaves the space super intimate. We came around 3 PM and nearly had the entire space to ourselves. It was surreal to take everything in. Desert X has a few more instillations open to visit still, click here for more details.

The moral of the story is to travel and see the sites you want to see. Palm Springs is only three hours away from LA and it took me getting invited to a convention to take the time to do something beautiful. Also, don’t give up on going somewhere. Just because a road appears blocked off, that doesn’t mean it is closed. There may just be another entrance like what happened at the invisible house in the desert.

The view from one of the windows inside the’Mirage’

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous