How To Respond To Creepy People On Online Dating Apps And Not Let It Get To You | Dose Of Bliss

Todays episode of Dose Of Bliss I interview, Alexandra Tweten, author of Bye Felipe an empowering guide to navigating the hazards and horrors of online dating. We discuss how to deal with and respond to those inappropriate messages we sadly too often get.

Like many of us, Alexandra was open to finding a match through online dating apps. Until she realized some men on the app were disrespectful and even violent. An experience which unfortunately is not unique. Many woman face extreme online harassment from men on social media sliding into messages, dms, and even texts especially if they turn the men down.

These hurtful words can hurt a lot of people. Luckily,  Alexandra decided to not let it get her down and created an instagram account called Bye Felipe, where she would post these creepy messages for the world to see. The Page quickly became viral hit with woman all over the world sending in their inappropriate dms and creating a movement.

While online harassment is a serious issue Alexandra and I want to point out in this interview the things you can do to not let these rude messages get to you because they are in fact often funny! And if any of you reading this do feel uncomfortable and someone is taking things too far, we also share tips on how to protect yourself and what red flags to look for when it comes to online dating.


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