You Can Get The Dream Job & Life ! | Advice From TV Host Xixi Yang

On today’s Dose Of Bliss I sit down with TV Host & Founder of XYZ Media, Xixi Yang.  You can find Xixi hosting for CNN, HLN &  interviewing celebs like Kanye West and Oprah. But she didn’t start out the superstar you see today.

She reveals, ” I knew I wanted to get into TV Hosting. When I first started my career I remember printing out so many different headshots, so many resumes and sending them to all kinds of networks and no one wanted to hire me. How was I supposed to be more experienced, if I wasn’t given an opportunity? So I thought why not give myself the shot?”

And that’s what she did! She found a way to get on the red carpet herself which eventually lead to jobs. And ten years later she’s still creating her own opportunities!

Xixi just launched her own show InstaPop in collaboration with CNN and HLN. Instapop is bite sized pop culture on the go! Be one of the first to follow on instagram here!

So what’s the biggest thing Xixi want’s to leave you with?

“If the opportunity is not knocking on the door, you need to build the door first.”



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