Pain Is Temporary And Here’s How To Fight Through It

This week’s Dose Of Bliss comes from Extreme Runner & Model, Ryan Young! And he’s no stranger to intense pain. The adventurer runs hundreds of miles through intense terrain all over the world. Extreme running is no joke, he’s ran 100 miles straight through sub zero temperatures with 30 pounds of gear in Alaska!

So that got me thinking, if Ryan could run through that intense pain, what’s the difference with getting through emotional pain?

“We have a tendency to kind of, when things to start to feel uncomfortable, most people will give up. I’ve had my moments too, and there was a learning curve if you will,” He reveals.  “[But] I came out the other side feeling amazing.”

Ryan who also documents these intense adventures on his blog Run With Ryan , makes us realize that if we push through the pain like him, we can come out the other end feeling amazing.  So I had to ask Ryan, how does he sit through that intense emotional and physical pain of running hundreds of miles & how can we?

“It’s an opportunity to use it to look in.  What keeps me going in those moments are that it too will pass. As high as I feel, no doubt I’ll have lows. It’s all a cycle. Everything in life is temporary. So cease the moment and keep going.” He adds, “Running was that little voice inside of me saying, you can do this, you can do this and I ignored it for a long time. Everyone has a voice inside their head that as a culture we tend to ignore. I’ve learned to embrace those voices, my intuition and run with it.”


You can watch the full interview here

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