Olivia Munn’s Tips For Cutting Negativity Out Of Your Life

Hey all! I’ve been wanting to add a celebrity motivational element to this blog and I am so happy to share with you that today the beautiful Olivia Munn stopped by to chat with Dose Of Bliss at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation 30th Anniversary at A time For Heroes Family Festival on Oct 28 to talk tips for letting go.


She explains the first step is, “You have to look around and realize are you as happy as you can be? When everything in your life is adding up but you aren’t feeling happy everyday you have to evaluate.”

And she’s  right.  A common assumption about happiness is if you “have it all” then there is no reason to be sad. But often we still are.

Why? Olivia shares, “It not just other people in your life but what you’re doing. ”

The actress herself has had a transformative year after her split with  NFL star Aaron Rodgers last year. Since then she’s started to focus on keeping things positive.


And part of being positive is focusing on, “What you’re bringing into your life whether it is how you eat or workout to the people in your life and the jobs you have. “

Olivia reminds us that not only should we focus on the people we allow into our lives but we have to evaluate everything we are consuming. And that could involve quitting a job,  changing up our diet or letting go of someone we love.

“It’s a hard one because you have to evaluate your own happiness but everyone deserves to be happy.”

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